Your Nevada Doctors is a patient-first advocacy group working to protect and improve the availability of and access to health care for all Nevadans. Made of a broad and diverse group of health care organizations, Your Nevada Doctors works with decision makers on a nonpartisan basis to promote policy that addresses the health care needs of our community. Our group also opposes any measures that hurts the ability to access the critical care patients need.

Nevada has an

  • Nevada currently ranks 45th in the nation for active physicians, 48th for primary care physicians, and 50th for general surgeons.
  • It’s critical that we protect our doctors’ ability to deliver needed care to Nevada patients.
  • Protecting doctors from the impact of outsized legal judgments and predatory litigation provides a favorable environment for the practice of medicine in Nevada and increases patients’ access to care.

The Fiduciary
Duty Issue

  • The legal theory of “fiduciary duty” is absent from much of the recent press surrounding health care in Nevada, but its application has created one of the biggest threats to the availability and access to care for all Nevadans.
  • The state of Nevada currently has a cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases of $350,000. The majority of Nevada voters approved this measure by statewide referendum in 2004 as a measure to protect their ability to receive care from a doctor from the impact of outsized legal judgments and predatory litigation.
  • However, under the theory of fiduciary duty, Nevada courts have sidestepped the intent of voters and expanded the legal liability of an individual doctor found liable for malpractice to include his employer or those he may be contracted with to provide care.
  • A priority for Your Nevada Doctors is to close this dangerous loophole in Nevada law. It has had a negative effect on providers’ ability to deliver health care to Nevada patients and is at odds with the strict wording of the 2004 ballot initiative approved by the majority of Nevada voters.