Nevadans’ Access to Health Care Is Under Attack

  • Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nevada ranked 47th in the nation for doctors per 100,000 population. We are 48th in the nation for access to primary care physicians and 50th for surgeons.
  • These shortages affect some our most vulnerable populations the most. Pregnant mothers, acutely ill children, Medicaid patients and rural Nevadans all suffer from serious gaps in care and struggle to see the doctors they need.
  • After more than two years of heroic efforts fighting COVID-19, Doctors and other health care providers are overworked, burnt out and fighting to care for an increasing number of patients.
  • Now, trial lawyers want to erase the legal protections that help ensure patient’s access to care and prevent unfair legal actions against Nevada doctors.

Nevada Patients and Doctor’s Need Legal Protections More Than Ever

  • Almost 20 years ago, in the face of a statewide shortage in critical medical care (including the forced closure of major emergency rooms) Nevada patients and doctors worked to place a series of protections in place to ensure that victims of medical malpractice can receive justice and fair compensation, while ensuring Nevada maintained enough health care resources to ensure a standard of care.
  • This measure was voted for and passed into law by the majority of Nevada voters in 2004 through a special statewide referendum.

These protections survive today and include…

  • A cap on “pain and suffering” damages in an individual case of $350,000. Economic damages (lost wages, lifetime medical care, etc.) are specifically UNLIMITED and exempt from the cap.
  • A limit of the percentage of these damages a lawyer can collect from the patients awards. This money should go towards caring for victims and their families, not lawyers’ fees.

Why do these protections work?

  • Outsize judgements drive up the cost of liability insurance for ALL doctors. These prices are already rising, and removing these protections WILL cause local doctors to leave Nevada or cease practicing altogether.
  • At the same time, high costs of establishing a physician practice make Nevada an unaffordable place for new and younger doctors (such as UNR or UNLV medical school students) to live and see patients in their own hometowns. Malpractice premiums increased as much as 2-300% on some medical specialties during our crisis 20 years ago. We can’t let this happen again.

Who We Are

  • Your Nevada Doctors is a patient-first advocacy group fighting to protect ACCESS, AFFORDABILITY and AVAILABILITY of health care for ALL Nevadans. We are a broad coalition of health care, business and community groups who know Nevada needs MORE health care, not wealthier trial lawyers.
  • We are actively working to educate lawmakers and the public of WHY Nevada’s patient protections have worked and why we need to fight to keep them as part of bringing more and better health care and investment to Nevada.
  • In the 2023 Nevada State Legislature- lawmakers MUST make access and availability of health care their priority. We should be making Nevada the BEST place in the country to practice medicine, not the hardest.